MAKLAB has organized a two day training on the theme of “Application of the standard МКСEN ISO/IEC 17025:2006 for testing and calibration laboratories”

According to the work program of 2012, the Macedonian Association of laboratories MAKLAB has organized a two day training with the theme of “Application of the standard МКС EN ISO/IEC 17025:2006 for testing and calibration laboratories”.

The training took place in the Training center of IAEM on 04th and 5th of July 2012. The training was organized in order to enable the interested laboratories to familiarize themselves with the standard МКС EN ISO/IEC 17025:2006 and its application in testing and calibration laboratories.The training was organized with the principle of training course, where participants through lectures, practical exercises and exchange of experiences have gained new and upgraded their previous knowledge of:

– management demands according to point 4 of the standard and
– technical demands according to point 5 of the standard

Lecturers of the training were Mr. Trpe Ristovski – director of IARM, Mr.. Dragan Veleveski – manager of the sector for accreditation of calibration laboratories, Ms. Anita Talaja Borota – manager of the sector for accreditation of testing laboratories and Mr. Vladimir Janevski – coordinator for accreditation of the laboratories as most competitive in regards of the presentation of demands of the standard 17025.

Participants of this training were students of testing and calibration laboratories of many areas that is ultimate indicator of the interest for this type of training. After the end of the training the participants received Certificates for successfully completing this training.

Celebration of Accreditation Day

Following the invitation of the Institute for Accreditation of the Republic of Macedonia, the Association MAKLAB joined the celebration of the World Day of Accreditation. The event took place on 12 June 2012 in the Hotel Alexander Palace, where the President of MAKLAB, Magdalena Trajkovska Trpevska, Msc. in front of the representatives from the Government of Republic of Macedonia, representatives from the Ministry of Economy, representatives from the IARM, Delegation of European Union in Macedonia, the chairman of the Committee for multilateral treaties of the European Cooperation for Accreditation (ЕА-МАC), representatives from the Accreditation body of Serbia, associates and representatives of the conformity assessment bodies and journalists, welcomed the signing of the agreement for mutual recognition of accreditation results between IARM and European accreditation organization. Further on, she has emphasized the role of MAKLAB as partner of IARM in promotion of accreditation in the Republic of Macedonia, as a sign of quality and competitiveness of the Macedonian laboratories, as a precondition for equal treatment on European and world markets, together with other European laboratories.

Annual meeting of MAKLAB for 2012

The annual meeting of MAKLAB for 2012 was held on 31st of May 2012 in the training center of IARM. This annual meeting was attended by members of MAKLAB, as well as potential members of MAKLAB. During this meeting, the Minutes of Meeting of the meeting held in April 2012 were adopted, as well as the price of the membership fee. A discussion regarding the Statute of MAKLAB was opened.
In this occasion, the membership certificates were awarded to the representatives of the member laboratories.

First meeting of MAKLAB

On 05th April 2012, in the offices of Macedonian Chamber of Commerce, the Association MAKLAB has organized working meeting in order to familiarize all interested with the establishment of the Macedonia Association of Laboratories (MAKLAB), its objectives, activities and program for work.

This meeting was attended by about hundred representatives of the state institutions, representatives of IARM and ISRM, representatives of higher education institutions, laboratories, private companies and laboratories within the companies, so that the need for creation of this kind of Association was once again proven. During her speech, the President of MAKLAB Ms. Magdalena Trajkovska Trpevska, Msc. has presented the goals, plans and the program of work of the Association, and she called the attendees to become members of the Association and to be actively involved in its work.

The formation of the Association MAKLAB was welcomed by the director of IARM, Trpe Ristoski, Phd. who has highlighted the importance of MAKLAB as a partner of IARM for promoting and enhancing the quality of laboratory services.

The memorandum for cooperation is signed with CROLAB

The international conference “Competitiveness of laboratories 2011” that took place in Cavtat, Croatia and it was organized by the Croatian Association of laboratories CROLAB. This conference was a perfect opportunity for promotion of Macedonian Association of Laboratories MAKLAB. The President of MAKLAB, Ms. Magdalena Trajkovska Trpevska, Msc. during her speech at the conference introduced the Association MAKLAB to the attendees, its goals and planned activities, by what she has promoted MAKLAB and also Macedonia between the laboratories from the region and Europe. In the frames of this conference, the Presidents of MAKLAB and CROLAB have signed Memorandum for further cooperation.