On 05th April 2012, in the offices of Macedonian Chamber of Commerce, the Association MAKLAB has organized working meeting in order to familiarize all interested with the establishment of the Macedonia Association of Laboratories (MAKLAB), its objectives, activities and program for work.

This meeting was attended by about hundred representatives of the state institutions, representatives of IARM and ISRM, representatives of higher education institutions, laboratories, private companies and laboratories within the companies, so that the need for creation of this kind of Association was once again proven. During her speech, the President of MAKLAB Ms. Magdalena Trajkovska Trpevska, Msc. has presented the goals, plans and the program of work of the Association, and she called the attendees to become members of the Association and to be actively involved in its work.

The formation of the Association MAKLAB was welcomed by the director of IARM, Trpe Ristoski, Phd. who has highlighted the importance of MAKLAB as a partner of IARM for promoting and enhancing the quality of laboratory services.