Macedonian association of laboratories and inspection bodies

For the Association

Macedonian Association of laboratories MAKLAB is established in 2011 as a result of the need for laboratory association in Macedonia in order to represent their common interests, promoting and enhancing their mutual cooperation.


Members of the Association MAKLAB are laboratories for testing, analysis and calibration from different areas such as:

- Environmental protection and Occupational safety.

- Protection against Ionizing Radiation

- Food industry

- Exploitation of ore

- Centers of Public Health in Republic of Macedonia

- Medical laboratories

- Pharmaceutical industry

- Testing of construction materials etc. 

According to the Statute of the Association MAKLAB membership can be collective or individual: 

- Laboratories registered as legal entities in Republic of Macedonia

- Laboratories that are part of registered legal entities in Republic of Macedonia

- Other legal entities registered in Republic of Macedonia

- Every adult citizen with Macedonian citizenship.

Goals and program of the association MAKLAB

The competence of laboratories for MAKLAB is of highest importance, in order to assure quality in various areas with the goal of developing and raising the living standards and the quality of living...


our events

The Third International conference QUALITY AND COMPETENCE 2017 organized by MAKLAB and IARM was held in hotel Sileks, Ohrid from 14th to 16to of September 2017. MSc. Magdalena Trajkovska Trpevska-president of MAKLAB, Mr. Trpe Ristoski-director of IARM, Mr. Alvaro Silva Ribeiro-president of EUROLAB and Mr. Davor Zvizdic-president of CROLAB have addressed ...
On 7th of July 2015 at hotel Kontinental MAKLAB has organized a training for “Validation and verification of methods in testing laboratories, calibration laboratories and medical laboratories and calculation and implementation of measurement uncertainty”. Trainers for this event were experts from the Institute for Accreditation of Republic of Macedonia and the ...
Trainers were Mr. Trpe Ristovski- Director  of IARM, Mr. Dragan Velevski head of the department for accreditation of calibration laboratories, Ms. Biljana Dodevska Stojanovska – State advisor for EU integrations and international co - operation from the Ministry of economy of RM.The training was organized on the principle of training course ...
At the invitation of the Institute for Accreditation of the Republic of Macedonia, President of the Macedonian Association of laboratories and inspection bodies - MAKLAB, MA. Magdalena Trajkovska Trpevska attended the celebration of the World Accreditation Day June 9. The welcoming speeches at the event were held by: - Mr. Spiro ...
On April 24th and 25th 2014., Macedonian Association of Laboratories and Inspection Bodies, organized two day training whit the theme of " Preparing for Accreditation of Laboratories in accordance whit MKS EN ISO / IEC 17025:2006 ". Trainers were Mr. Trpe Ristovski- Director of IARM, Mr. Dragan Velevski head of the ...