According to its work program for 2012, Macedonian Association of Laboratories MAKLAB has organized one day training on the theme “Assessment of measurement instability” . The training was held in the Training center of IARM on 10th of December.

This training was organized, in order to enable the interested laboratories to familiarize themselves with assessment of measurement instability. This training course was organized with the principle of training course, where participants through lectures, practical exercises and exchange of experiences have gained new knowledge of the measurement instability.

Lecturer of the training was Ms. Jelena Bebic, MSc who has many years experience in holding trainings, between which 13 trainings on the theme of “Principe and use of meteorology in chemistry” , training on the theme of measurement instability in the Directorate of measure and precious metals as well as training course on the theme “ Measurement instability” with special accent on the procession of statistical data, calculation of measurement instability and validation methods for calibration laboratories in the Serbian agency for protection of environment, that is under Ministry of Environment.

Participants at this training were coming from many accredited laboratories and inspection bodies from different fields, which is ultimate indicator of the interest for this type of trainings.